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Bail Bonds101

Once a person is arrested they are taken to the local jail for processing. The processing (booking) takes several hours to complete. Once the booking process is complete the arrested person (Defendant) will have the option to stay in jail or bond out (if a bond has been set).

By staying in jail, the Defendant will be detained until the case(s) are satisfied. This process can take months and many court appearances to complete.  Most people choose to bond out as soon as possible.

To bond out of jail, you have 2 options. 
  1. Pay a Cash Bond for the FULL AMOUNT of the Bail (this is paid at the jail where the Defendant is being detained).
  2.  Pay 10% (non-refundable) of the bond with a Bail Bond Agency.  

***Please note on all bonds under $1,000.00 there is a $100 (minimum) premium amount on each bond in the State of Florida.
***If you post a cash bond your money can and will be applied to the court costs when applicable.

Requirements of a Bail Bond Agency:

Collateral is usually necessary when posting a bond through a Bail Agency; however, each situation is unique.  Most Collateral required is a Promissory Note and Indemnity Agreement from a stable person (friend or family member) pledging to pay the face value of the bond should the Defendant default and not appear in court as ordered at each and every court date as required. On larger bonds; however, other forms of collateral may be necessary to secure the bond.

As long as the defendant appears in court and the case is resolved, you will not likely ever hear from the Bail Agent after the Bond has been posted.   You are not required to attend court appearances, but you must ensure the Defendant is present at all required court appearances to satisfy your contract with the Bail Bond Agency.

Once the bond has been posted:

Jails have different procedures to complete before a person is released from jail. This process usually takes several hours.  You do not have to be at the jail for the Defendant to be released. 

Warrants for your arrest:

If you have an active warrant we can assist you in turning yourself in and bonding back out immediately. This process is called a “walk through arrest” or "rapid intake". Once you've completed the paperwork with the Bail Agency, the Bail Agent (bondsman) will accompany you into the jail and turn in your bond immediately.  This way you're processed in and out as quickly as possible.

Arrest without bonds:

Commonly in the State of Florida there are charges that do not have "pre-set" bonds.  For Example, Domestic Violence related charges will not have a pre-set bond and the Defendant will have to spend the night in jail and see a Judge the following day at his/her "first appearance", "bond hearing", or "preliminary presentation". to have a bond set at that time.

Once the Defendant has seen the Judge and a bond has been set, the process begins again.  It takes several hours for records to be delivered and updated at the jail once a bond has been set by a Judge.  In most cases, Bonds cannot be posted for at least 4-6 hours after the Judge has set the bond; however,  it is still a good idea to contact your Bail Agent and start paperwork as soon as possible once you find out a bond has been set.

***WE DO NATIONWIDE BONDS***  If your loved one is incarcerated in jail in another state or in any county in Florida,  we can still post the bond for you in most cases. We do know this can be a very difficult time for you or your loved ones.  We will do everything possible to help you through the process.  

If you're question has not been answered here, please feel free to contact our office 24 hours and speak with a Bail Agent so we can help you find the answer you're looking for.

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